Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Another Day at the Office

It's a fun thing to say "just another day at the office" around here because well, it's rarely that simple or uneventful.  Here are just a few photos from some of our staff's typical day.

The Natural Resources crew has been hard at work doing a shoreline restoration at Round Lake in Maplewood.

The Water Quality team has been busy cleaning out trash racks at lake overflow pipes (top left), checking monitoring equipment (top right, middle right and lower left), installing rain barrels to the green roof at the office (lower right), and doing other highly technical things that are difficult to explain (middle left).

U of MN Carp Researcher's (mostly Reid Swanson's) day at the "office" includes lots of fish, of course!  From left to right, top to bottom:  A garter snake caught (and released) in Markham Pond. Pipetting carp DNA.  Northern Pike captured (and released) on Lake Owasso.  Low clearance for the shock boat in Lake Owasso.  Live well from carp captured in Upper Kohlman Basin.  Releasing a muskie on Lake Owasso. City of Little Canada helping tow the team out of a mucky area.  Bowfin caught in the channel between Gervais and Kohlman Lakes. A 3-year-old carp with a fin clip/regrowth from a previous capture.  Fixing the backup electrofishing unit.  Large mouth bass captured (and released) from Lake Owasso. Netting fish from the shock boat on Lake Owasso. 

Permitting Program Coordinator, Paige Ahlborg's day includes inspecting projects where erosion and sediment control measures need to be taken to insure nearby water bodies are not adversely affected by construction projects. 
Right: Database Developer, Tom Burns rides along for a few inspections to ensure he understands the process.

The Natural Resources (NR) crew is back.  Top left and bottom right: Simba and Janna (NR Intern) loaded and hauled 74 bales of hay to be used at Phalen Golf Course on a restoration.  Top right: Tessa (NR Intern) collects native plant seed from the office prairie.  Lower left: An admitedly very blurry photo of Bill Bartodziej on a tractor, grading a shoreline restoration on Round Lake in Maplewood.


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