Tuesday, February 18, 2014

District Board Appoints Citizen Advisory Committee

2007 Watershed Advisory Commission members pose with a slippery cake.

On February 5, 2014, the Board of Managers appointed 23 District residents to our Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). The District has reformed the CAC after more than a year of dormancy. In previous years the District has had several advisory groups assisting the education and natural resources programs. The District Board and staff felt the need to broaden the focus of the advisory committee to provide input to the District on a variety of issues and programs and be more knowledgeable about all the District activities.

Notices were placed in newspapers, our blog and our web site to solicit applications. Our hope was to get applications from throughout the District as well as representatives from schools, churches and businesses. We received 28 applications. Several applications were from individuals that did not reside in our District. They were referred to our adjacent Watershed Districts.

Our final list of members represent 10 of our 12 cities with additional members representing schools (2), a Master Gardener, a Master Naturalist, a business representative, a representative from the Ramsey and Washington Conservation Districts, a RWMWD Board liaison and six at-large members.

The anticipated activities of the committee include
  • Receiving information and education on the programs and activities of the District.
  • Participating in the development and review of the District annual work program and budget.
  • Completing tasks as assigned by the Board of Managers.
  •  Reviewing District plans, studies and projects and provide comments.
  • Assisting District staff in public education, outreach and information activities and events.
  • Developing community contacts and gaining an understanding of community attitudes and concerns about water management issues.
  • Assisting staff in the planning and implementation of the Annual Recognition and Awards event.
  •  Participating and assisting in the planning and implementation of District tours.
  • Providing volunteer support for WaterFest.

The appointees are as follows:

           Category                                          Recommended appointment

          City Representatives  
                                                                   Shoreview                   Scott Ramsay
                                                                   Roseville                      Linda Neilson
                                                                   Little Canada              Bob Stine
                                                                   Maplewood                 Mark Gernes
                                                                   Vadnais Heights        Dana Larsen-Ramsay
                                                                   White Bear Lake        Laura Blonigan
                                                                   North St. Paul             Candy Peterson
                                                                   Oakdale                      Michele Hanson
                                                                   Woodbury                   Stephanie Wang
                                                                   St. Paul                       William Zajicek

         Conservation Districts
                                                                  Ramsey County           Mara Humphrey
                                                                  Washington County     George Weyer

         RWMWD Board Liaison               Marj Ebensteiner

        Business Representative               Denis McComas

        School Representatives                 Randee Edmundson
                                                                  Jill Danner

        Master Naturalist                            Karen Eckman

        At-Large                                          Kathryn Keefer
                                                                 Mark Satt
                                                                 Jennifer Gruetzman
                                                                 Alexander Johnson
                                                                 Karen Wold
                                                                 Hallie Finucane
                                                                 Glenda Mooney

The first meeting of the CAC has not been scheduled, but is planned for mid-March.

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