Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Citizen Advisory Commission Kicks-off!

On the evening of March 19th we excitedly gathered our newly-elected Citizen Advisory Commission (CAC) to meet and learn more about each other.

We could not have asked for a better pool of candidates to choose from and a more impressive line-up of members who have been selected for the CAC. Intentional selection criteria were used to make sure every city in the District was represented. We also sought members who could represent the two counties in the district, religious organizations, Conservation Services, and schools. Much to our satisfaction, we attracted a variety of expertise and a broader range of individuals in different career stages than we might have imagined. One new member is a recent college graduate while several people are midstream in their careers. Members include engineers, accountants, hydrologists, naturalists, teachers and several retired professionals.

Marj Ebensteiner, RWMWD Board Member and CAC liaison opened the meeting with an introduction and a warm welcome. After new member introductions, Cliff Aichinger, RWMWD Administrator, took the reins to give an orientation to the District including history, projects, priorities, and programs. The group then heard from Debbie Meister, our WaterFest Coordinator and District consultant about the upcoming WaterFest program and how we hope CAC members can be involved. CAC Members, if you can help out but need information on how to sign up, please contact Debbie at 651.647.6816651.647.6816. Other readers who want to help out can volunteer through our WaterFest web page linked HERE.

As the CAC becomes integrated into our decision making process, members will continue to learn more about specific program areas from individual RWMWD staff members at future meetings. We anticipate that the unique perspective of each CAC member combined with a better understanding of the District will bring valuable insight.

Welcome new members! We look forward to working with you in the coming months.

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