Thursday, May 8, 2014

Welcome to our 2014 Summer Interns

Many of our staff have been out in the field doing prescribed burns, installing monitoring equipment, starting native restorations, battling invasive plant species and more as another exciting field season gets into full swing.  This means our seasonal interns start to come aboard to help make it all happen, and get some good experience at the same time. 

If you read this post the last two months, you met our first three interns who had already gotten their boots dirty.  One more began in late May, just in time for us to put him hard at work for WaterFest.

Let's wish a warm welcome as the interns introduce themselves.

Welcome Tim Murphy, 

This is Tim, trust us.  In this photo he is
working with the Natural Resources crew
on a prescribed burn at Keller Golf
Course. We will work towards
getting a better picture soon!
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with RWMWD and all of the great staff here! I am currently a University of Minnesota student pursuing my degree in Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management. This past fall I interned at the Nature Conservancy, which provided me with a breadth of knowledge about the natural resource field. In addition, I have also given Segway tours of Minneapolis for 7 years now. During the upcoming summer, I will be working with the cost share and permit programs to gather information about their effectiveness and also aid in understanding how the costs of these programs compare to their benefits. Outside of this project, I also pose as the utility man for the District, filling in wherever extra help is needed! This summer will bring many new adventures and learning experiences, and I can already say that I am enjoying my time.

Welcome Back to Jake Lindeman, Natural Resources Intern

I am happy to be back working with all the great people at RWMWD and continue to build upon the experience I gained as a natural resources intern from 2010-2012. I have a bachelor of science in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior from the University of Minnesota and have spent the last couple of years completing a graduate certificate for my secondary life science teaching licensure.

My long term career goal is to transition into environmental education later in my teaching career. I plan on taking opportunities like this internship to continue to build my knowledge in ecology and conservation. I am looking forward to spending the summer outside working with our natural resources!

Welcome Back to Wyatt, Water Quality Intern

Wyatt, 2014 Water Quality intern, removes a manhole
cover at Maplewood Mall to check monitoring equipment.
"I am very pleased to return to the RWMWD as a water quality intern.

In the two years since my natural resources internship with the district I have been focused primarily on finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, which I achieved in December of 2013. In the time not devoted towards education, I held a summer geotechnical internship testing physical properties of soils in altered sites, and continued working a part time outdoor retail job in Minneapolis.

My flexible schedule has allowed me to have some great experiences lately pursuing new and exciting skiing and camping opportunities. I look forward to the new challenges and rewarding experiences this season is sure to bring while monitoring water throughout the district."

Zola checks out some of the greenhouse-grown
MN native plants the Natural Resources  team
will be using on a restoration this spring.

Welcome Zola, Natural Resources Intern

"I am very excited to join the team at RWMWD! Before beginning my internship, I served two terms with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa's Youth Outdoors program as a crew member and crew leader. Between my time as a crew leader and natural resource intern, I have worked in the exciting atmosphere of Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge.
As a natural resource intern, I am looking forward to further understanding Minnesota's diverse ecology and applying this to a degree in the Environment Science field. While not interning and hosting, I look forward to rock climbing, playing trivia, and going to as many patios as possible! I look forward to a season filled with learning, challenges, and a multitude of new experiences."

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