Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shoreview Green Community Awards 2015

By Paige Ahlborg

What makes a community green? Is it an awareness of its environmental impact or the steps taken to preserve the quality of its water? The City of Shoreview believes both those and more are the parameters of a green community. Shoreview officially recognizes residential, non-profit and commercial property owners that demonstrate Best Management Practices (BMPs) for water, energy, and general environmental initiatives. The goal of the program is to maintain the general quality of life and clean environment in the community as well as expand conservation leadership and practices throughout Shoreview.

Joe Pye-Weed and Cardinal Flower
grace this Shoreview yard.
Past award winning projects have included an installation of twenty solar panels on a residential garage roof, a shoreline buffer that filters rain water and establishes a native plant community and a geothermal heating system installed instead of a traditional gas furnace. Residential, commercial, or non-profit organization properties in Shoreview that meet full compliance of city ordinances are eligible.

Judging is based on information on the application, photos of the project and site visits for the finalists. BMPs that will be considered range from projects for improving water quality, renewable energy installation (geothermal, solar or wind), switching to off-peak energy use, innovative or effective recycling and composting efforts, green remodeling and other personal or corporate behaviors that demonstrate leadership and commitment to improving Shoreview’s environment.

More information and the application can be found on the City of Shoreview's website. Please note the application deadline is May 31, so don’t delay! 


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