Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Interns Now in Full Swing!

Last month we introduced you to the first of the interns to start working at the District this summer. Matt Brust, our water quality intern, has been busy working with the water quality team, monitoring and data gathering. In addition, he's been helping with many other jobs around the District.

Matt working at the Storm Drain Goalie table at WaterFest.

Matt helping students with plantings at Keller Creek.

Now let's get to know the rest of our summer interns!


Here's Kendra, ready for inspections!
Kendra Fallon

Kendra is very excited to be working with the staff at RWMWD as the Inspector Intern this summer.

Currently Kendra is an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota working towards her degree in Geological Engineering, which she'll finish in December. She then plans to continue her education at the U of M, working towards a Masters in Civil Engineering with a focus in Environmental Engineering.

During the school year Kendra works two jobs on campus; one with the library and the other through the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geo-Engineering.

Outside of class and work, she likes to run and hike outdoors, exploring trails in and outside of Minnesota. She also likes to help puppy-sit her parent’s adorable silver labs, Calvin and Hobbes. 

Kendra assists Dominic Cincotta's granddaughter
with planting in their North St. Paul rain garden.

Thea supports a student in planting
native plants along the shoreline.
Thea Evans

Thea is excited to start the next phase of her career working with Bill and Simba and the rest of the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District staff.

She graduated in May with a multi-disciplinary degree focused on ecological restoration and water quality.

Thea's adventures with native plants and water quality started in 2002 when she helped her neighborhood community council develop a series
of workshops and a grant for homeowners to install native plants and rain gardens in their yards. She loved the plants so much that she and a friend started a native plant landscaping business. She has been helping homeowners install and maintain native landscapes for eleven years.

She looks forward to learning about restoring streams and lakeshores and getting her hands in the mud on restoration projects this summer!

Thea plants in the emergent zone at Keller Creek. (left)
Thea collects prairie smoke seeds in front of the District Office. (right)

 Pounding in stakes at Keller Creek
to secure the biologs.

Carrie Taylor

Carrie is also excited to be outside doing restoration work and learning about Minnesota native and invasive
plants with the RWMWD Natural Resources Team.

Carrie moved to the area just last year and is enjoying tromping around in the same watershed district that her husband
grew up in. 

She obtained a Master of Science Degree in Restoration Ecology from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, where she researched constructed wetlands for cleaning wastewater and conducted wetland delineations. 

Carrie and Thea collect prairie seeds
for use in future projects.

Prior to her graduate work in Montana, Carrie lived in Oregon and spent many seasons in the field doing botany surveys, environmental education and restoration work. 

Carrie is thrilled to be part of the restoration efforts here in Minnesota and looks forward to more opportunities.



Steve weed whips on one of the
District's restoration sites.
Steven Theis

Steve is thrilled to be working toward completing his biology degree from St. Cloud State as a Natural Resources Intern for the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District.

He grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and attends St. Cloud State University.

Steve's hobbies include hunting and fishing, so he's very happy to have this opportunity to be involved hands-on with conservation.

In the short time Steve's been here, he's learned a lot and is looking forward to a great internship. He thinks the RWMWD staff are all very nice and passionate about what they're doing. He's thankful to be part of the team.

Steve put in many hours assisting classes
at Keller Creek during the restoration

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