Monday, July 20, 2015

Accepting Nominations for 2015 Watershed Excellence Awards

Linda Neilson (CAC), with Dave and Donna Nelson
2014 winners of the "Buckie" award for their outstanding work in buckthorn removal

Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District is now accepting nominations for our 2015 Watershed Excellence Awards. The awards recognize individuals, organizations, government entities, businesses and agencies that have demonstrated outstanding achievements in water resources management, watershed stewardship and civic engagement. The purpose of this award program is to increase visibility and honor the accomplishments of exceptional “leaders” who participate in activities in a variety of contexts and levels of involvement within the district. The Citizen Advisory Commission works with District staff to review the nominations and determine the winners. The award ceremony will be held in early November.

Nominations can be sent to Sage Passi, Watershed Education Specialist, at or by mail to Sage Passi, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District, 2665 Noel Drive, Little Canada, MN, 55117. The nomination deadline is August 10. Please include the name of the nominee, the award category, your own name and contact information and a brief description of the nominee’s contribution or accomplishment in one of the following categories:

    Innovation in Government Award
    Recognizes and celebrates excellence by a government agency in implementing innovative policies, programs or projects to protect and improve water quality within Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District.

    Outstanding Partner Award
    Recognizes an individual, group or business that effectively collaborates with Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District to achieve exceptional results in water resources management and stewardship.

    Roger Lake Stewardship Excellence Award
    Recognizes an individual who has, during his or her lifetime, played a significant and long-term role in watershed management and demonstrated leadership in natural resources stewardship.

    Citizen Engagement Award
    Recognizes an individual or organization that effectively facilitated citizen participation
    efforts to improve and protect water quality.

    Youth Engagement Award
    Recognizes a teacher, youth organizer or organization that has demonstrated exceptional commitment and capacity to engage youth in watershed education and stewardship initiatives.

    The “Buckie” Award
    Recognizes an individual(s) who have persevered very enthusiastically through the most trying of conditions while engaging in watershed and natural resource management in Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District. Please note: the title of this award may have a new “nickname” each year dependent upon on the type of activity involved. For example, the “Buckie” award for outstanding work in buckthorn removal.

We are not limited to the six award categories listed above, although we will only be giving out a maximum of six awards each year. If you have a suggestion for another category and want to nominate someone in that category, please feel free to do so. We welcome and will consider these kinds of creative suggestions!

Individualized blown-glass spheres were designed by Artist Eric Sommers
for each of the Watershed Excellence Award winners in 2014.

The Watershed District is currently seeking artists to develop a concept sketch for our 2015 award design. We are offering a stipend of $50 that will be offered for artists who develop a concept design that could be produced and delivered to us by November 5, 2015. The award should be a manageable/normal size and weight. We will be selecting the award design winner by the beginning of September. We will be asking the artist chosen to produce 4-6 awards within an approximate two month period and we are willing to pay $100 to $150 each. Here is a link to information about our 2014 award design.

Proposals should include: 

  • A sketch of the design
  • A description of the materials to be used
  • A way to incorporate a small engraved plate for the award winner's name, award name and year or way to have the information engraved directly onto the award
  • The proposed cost of production for each award.

The artist will be recognized at the award dinner on November 12 and invited to attend. 
If an artist is interested in submitting a proposal, please send an e-mail to Sage Passi and let her know that you intend to submit a proposal by August 8, 2015. Actual proposals can be emailed to Sage at, or sent to Sage Passi, RWMWD, 2665 Noel Drive, Little Canada, MN, 55117. If you have questions, please call Sage at 612-598-9163. 

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