Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016 Innovation & Engineering Excellence Award - Brad Lindaman

by Dana Larsen-Ramsay

Brad Lindaman receives award from Cliff Aichinger, retired administrator and current Board of Managers member.

Brad Lindaman has worked closely with Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District for 28 years, since 1989. He has been a strong partner and supporter to former RWMWD Administrator, Cliff Aichinger. Together Brad and Cliff developed and grew the District into the cutting edge entity it is today. They have also branched out into new territory with ecosystem-wide management and upland plantings, in addition to the more traditional role of water and flood management.

Brad Lindaman (left) and RWMWD Water Quality Monitoring
Coordinator, Eric Korte, assess erosion along a creek bank

Brad has worked with his team at Barr Engineering to forge this new management style and provide the scientific background and data needed to support Watershed staff along this journey. 

As Vice President and Senior Water Resources Engineer at Barr Engineering, Brad has been a consistent influence at the Watershed, serving as the primary consulting engineer for the District. He has served as lead engineer on numerous capital improvement projects and has helped research, plan, critique and design projects, including collaboration on the development of lake management plans and golf course improvement projects, most recently, the beautifully redeveloped Keller Golf Course. 

Brad has helped lead many tours throughout the district as he is
able to easily explain complex engineering strategies to any audience.

Brad served the District during the 1990's while the District completed numerous flood-control projects and began its transition into managing more for water quality improvement with capital projects and into our recent volume-control projects and incentive programs. In this capacity, Brad has shown us that he can assemble a talented team of engineers, landscape designers and planners that are appropriate for our multi-purpose projects. 
Brad on site assessing an issue. The
wheels are always turning with this one.

Brad has assisted staff with storm water management problem-solving and with day-to-day operations. He has presented at countless meetings, visited countless sites and helped influence the solutions, improvements and enhancements accomplished within the District over the years.

Always willing to lend a hand, Brad is an adept presenter who is able to explain complex projects in terms everyone can understand. He is well-known and respected in his field and his work has benefited many communities, both within and outside the Watershed District. In addition, Brad is an enjoyable person to work with and is a valuable asset to every team! 

Brad’s talents go beyond engineering...he even helped to author and perform an amazing Watershed-customized song to celebrate Cliff’s retirement as District’s Administrator in 2014.

Since Cliff’s retirement, Brad continues to support and team with the Tina Carstens, the current RWMWD Administrator, and the Watershed staff as they continue to carry the torch, working to preserve and enhance water and natural resources, helping to improve projects and redevelopment for residents and businesses within the Watershed District.

Brad Lindaman is making a positive impact in the environment and is an outstanding innovator and excellent engineer with Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District. 
We are proud of his many accomplishments and delighted to award him with the Innovation and Engineering Excellence Award.

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