Friday, December 13, 2013

Jack Frost Earns Lifetime Achievement Award - Expanding on the Watershed Stewardship Awards

Jack Frost.  Photo by Anita Jader.

Jack Frost was awarded the Roger Lake Stewardship Excellence Award. Named for the 30-year Watershed District leader who passed away last December, this award recognizes an individual who has, during his or her lifetime, played a significant and long-term role in watershed management and demonstrated leadership in natural resources stewardship.

A fitting first recipient of this award, Jack had a long dedicated career as a professional engineer, water resources coordinator for the Metropolitan Council and 19-year Manager of the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District. In his 34 years at the Metropolitan Council, Jack was known for his working knowledge of wastewater, stormwater and overall water management issues in the region. At the Watershed District, Jack’s ability to blend technical understanding of water management approaches with his innovative, practical approaches to water quality and flood control, was a major contributor to thoughtful, considerate, and innovative Board actions. His service as the Board Treasurer was very much valued by the Board and staff. Jack’s budgeting skill and financial management contributed to the Watershed District’s high accounting standards and our routine clean audit reports. Jack has moved to the Madison, WI area to be closer to his kids and his grandchildren but systems he developed are still valued and in use.

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