Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Watershed District Employee of the Year

Cliff Aichinger. Photo by Anita Jader.

By: Cliff Aichinger, Administrator, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District

I proudly accepted this award at the Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts Annual Conference on December 6th. The award was presented by John Jaschke, Executive Director for the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources.

I want to first acknowledge that the other excellent staff at the District and our innovative and visionary Board of Managers play a huge part in making me look good. I want to thank all of them for shaping our success. I consider this award to be recognition of the District’s successful watershed management activities and projects. I have been privileged to work in a supportive work environment where innovation, creativity and leadership is encouraged and fostered. Without this approach from the District Board we would not have had the courage to push the envelope on innovative projects and programs like WaterFest, the Lake Phalen Shoreline Restoration, the Tanners Lake Alum Treatment Facility, the Maplewood Mall Volume Reduction Retrofit Project, the District Volume Reduction Rules, our BMP cost-share incentive program, Living Streets and many others.

John Jaschke award presentation comments:
Cliff has directed many multi-million dollar projects, two of which have been honored by the MN Association of Watershed Districts (MAWD) as Projects of the Year. His leadership has gained the District national recognition and has enabled the District to be identified twice as the MAWD’s Watershed District Program of the Year.   In addition, Cliff continues to aggressively pursue cooperative ventures and grants to expand and enhance District programs, and he provides the leadership that ensures coordination of district program activities with various public and private organizations. Cliff effectively coordinates and provides leadership in the development of district goals, plans, policies, and budgets, and he wisely administers District budget process and finances. Cliff effectively oversees outside contractors and consultants to ensure that project objectives and budgetary requirements are met. As a representative of the District, Cliff serves on several local and statewide committees where he plays an important leadership role and makes a visible presence for the District’s interests. He has created a positive working climate for District personnel and demonstrates by personal example high standards of conduct and work performance. Cliff is above reproach in his work to administer District policies in fair and equitable manners. Finally, on a more personal note, Cliff is someone whose excellence is visible from afar, but becomes even more apparent when experienced first-hand.  

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