Sunday, January 12, 2014

Incentive and Inspiration to Help You Improve Water Quality

Wells Fargo in Maplewood used cost share money for their parking lot reconstruction where
they installed two infiltration basins and eight parking lot island rain gardens.

RWMWD is now accepting applications for the 2014 cost share program! 

The program offers technical assistance and cost share funds to support projects that improve water quality. Funds are available to residential homeowners and large property owners including schools, churches, townhome associations, commercial businesses, and government entities. Below are the coverage allowances and criteria for the cost share program. Additional information, including a map of priority areas and application materials, can be found on our Best Management Practices (BMPs) Incentive Program webpage.

2014 Coverage Criteria

Type of Property Type of Projects Cost Share % Maximum $ Approval by Application Deadline
Residential Homeowner designed rain gardens 100% $500 Staff Rolling Year Round
 Residential Habitat restoration, rain gardens without roof or street drainage* 50% $2,500 Staff Rolling Year Round
Residential Rain gardens with street or roof drainage, pervious pavement, shoreline restoration, green roof* 75% $2,500 Staff Rolling Year Round
Habitat Restoration 50% $7,500 Board if over $5,000, otherwise staff Rolling Year Round
Commercial Church     School        Government Shoreland Restoration 100% below 100 yr flood elev. with actively eroding banks $100,000 Board Board Meeting Deadlines
Water Quality BMPs $50,000 Board if over $5,000, otherwise staff Board Meeting Deadlines
75% in non-priority drainage areas
100% in priority drainage areas $100,000

Here are a few other examples of recent projects that used District cost share funding. We can't wait to see what these look like when the plants mature!

Round Lake Townhome Shoreline Restoration
Residential rain garden in St. Paul

Residential rain garden in Shoreview.
Residential rain garden in North St. Paul

What will your project look like?

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