Monday, January 13, 2014

Mystery of the Month - January

If you had to tell a story or explain your job in only six words, what might those words be? 
I put this task out to the District staff and got some fun responses. 

For this month's mystery of the month, we start with just one.
See if you can guess what this person does, or even who this person is:

"Plants, mud, big boots, power tools."
Think you know?  Want to see how the rest of the staff explained their day to day? 


The answer to this month's Mystery of the Month is from our staff member who contributes most often to our past Mystery of the Month articles. Thumbs up if you guessed Simba Blood, Natural Resources Technician.

As for the rest of the staff, here are their six-word stories.
Cliff with Maplewood Mall

collaborating partners.

"Staff, budget, Board, collaboration, committees, meetings"
-Cliff, Administrator

"Payroll. Accounts-payable. Spreadsheets. 10-key. Numbers.     Gray-hair."
-Sue, Accounting Assistant

Sage Passi, touring the green 

roof at the Target Center.

"Communications, creativity, teamwork, resources, teaching, connections"
-Sage,  Watershed Education Specialist

"Rules and regulations. Compliance and enforcement."
and  "BMPs approved. Free money to improve."
-Paige, Watershed Project Manager, describing both of the (hard)hats she wears as Coordinator of the Permit and Best Management Practice Incentive (Cost Share) Program

Nicole ensures erosion control
fabric is properly installed.

"Prevent Erosion, Control Sediment, Protect Waters."
-Nicole, District Inspector

"Fun, Interesting, Different, People, Helping, Challenging."
-Dave, Water Quality Technician

"Connecting the dots. Planning for future."
 -Tina, Assistant Administrator

Eric demonstrating (in a t-shirt) 
how boiling water vaporizes

in -20 degree Fahrenheit air.
"Rain. Water Level Up. Samples. Repeat."

- Eric, Water Quality Monitoring


"Water, Ecology, Restoration, Enjoyment, Life, People"

- Bill, Natural Resources Specialist

"Invasives, partner, educate, volunteers, communications, eradication!"
Paige pointing out something good, 
I would imagine.
-Carole G., Ramsey County Cooperative Weed Management   Area Coordinator (Notice: her title is longer than six words!)

"Points, polygons, pictures, rowing, collecting data"
-Carrie, GIS Technician

Carrie and Bill collect ice and water
measurements on Markham Pond.
"INFORMATION: anticipate, gather, scatter, storage, repeat"
-Carole P., Administrative Secretary

"Citizens, conversations, phones, maintenance, clerical, help"
- Shelly, Secretary/Receptionist

Dave doing volunteer research of aquatic 
species in other Minnesota lakes.
Carole Gernes fishing in the 
Gervais Mill Ponds.

Thanks, gang, for playing along.

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