Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Celebration of 2016 in Photos

We were thrilled to gather about 150 of our partners, volunteers and awardees into the same room last month at our annual Recognition Dinner. This event brought people from the community together to celebrate everyone's efforts toward a better, stronger and cleaner environment. 

Two highlights of the evening were the annual award ceremonies for the LEAP and Watershed Excellence Awards.
The Cross Lutheran Rain Garden Team
celebrates their success.

It was a night to network, to toast our achievements together and, most of all, a night for us to say a heartfelt "thank you" to those who are making our Watershed a better place. 

Scroll through the photos of some of our honored guests from the evening and catch the names of the winners below.

Summer interns and district staff reconnect at the event.

Dana Larsen-Ramsay (left), LEAP Team, and Simba Blood (right),
RWMWD Natural Resources Technician and LEAP Team member

 Left to right: Debbie Meister, WaterFest Coordinator, Karen Eckman,
Citizen Advisory Commission member, Barb Lindeke, Audubon Society

Sherry Brooks, Farnsworth teacher, (left)
and Tracy Leavenworth,
RWMWD School Liaison

Former RWMWD Board Member, Paul Ellefson (left),
current RWMWD Board Member, Bob Johnson (right)

Fellow Master Water Stewards, Paul Gardner and
Linda Nielsen, at a table with family and volunteers.

2016 LEAP Award winner, Paul Diegnau, Keller Golf Course Superintendent,
with Justin Zimmerman, 2015 LEAP award winner from The Ponds of Battle Creek Golf Course

Tyler Berres from St. Paul Public Community Education and wife Danielle

The Cross Lutheran rain garden volunteer team

 RWMWD Board Member and former Administrator, Cliff Aichinger
and current RWMWD Administrator, Tina Carstens

Dana Larsen-Ramsay, Scott Ramsay and RWMWD's Bill Bartodziej

RWMWD Citizen Advisory Commission member
Michele Hanson
and her husband Ken

RWMWD Citizen Advisory Commission member 
Phyllis Hunter with husband David

Sage Passi, RWMWD Education Coordinator (left), and Marion Seabold

Eric Sommers, glass artist and creator of  Watershed Excellence Awards

Sage Passi, RWMWD Education Coordinator, and
Paige Ahlborg, RWMWD Project Manager

2016 LEAP Award Winners Julie Rodberg and Chris Siewert

Randee Edmundson, Liz McCambridge and Jayy Dubb
(from the Ames Lake Team)

Farnsworth educator Sherry Brooks and husband Ron

Mike and Molly Churchich, Ramsey County

Casi Parranto (left) and Julie Boggess (right) accepting a
LEAP award on behalf of Children's Discovery Academy

Level Up Academy Teacher Diane Noll and her husband

Left to right: RWMWD Board Member Jen Oknich and her daughters, former
RWMWD Board Member Paul Ellefson, and current Board Member Bob Johnson

And the Award goes to.....

Watershed Excellence Award Winners
The Roger Lake Stewardship Excellence Award - Click on award title to learn more.
Robert Johnson - RWMWD Board Member for 30 years
This award recognizes an individual who has, during his or her lifetime, played a significant and long-term role in watershed management and demonstrated leadership in natural resources stewardship.

Innovation and Engineering Excellence Award - Click on award title to learn more.
Brad Lindaman - BARR Engineering
This award recognizes an individual who has consistently delivered or contributed creative and state-of-the-art ideas and solutions that enhance water and natural resources through their outstanding engineering projects in and around RWMWD.
Citizen Engagement Award - Watch for story in the next Ripple.
Linda Neilson on behalf of the Ramsey County Master Gardeners
This award recognizes an individual or organization that effectively facilitated citizen participation efforts to improve and protect water quality.
Outstanding Partner Award - Click on award title to learn more.
Paul Diegnau - Keller Golf Course Superintendent
This award recognizes an individual, group or business that effectively collaborates with Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District to achieve exceptional results in water resources management and stewardship. 

Citizen Catalyst Award - Click on award title to learn more.
Gail Acosta - resident, LEAP Award Winner and active member of RWMWD citizen groups
This award recognizes an individual or organization that effectively encourages and initiates citizen participation efforts to improve and protect water quality.

Youth Engagement Award - Watch for story in the next Ripple.
Sue Fourniea - Battle Creek Middle School Teacher
This award recognizes a teacher, youth organizer or organization that has demonstrated exceptional commitment and capacity to engage youth in watershed education and stewardship initiatives.

Each winner received a custom, hand-blown award made by local glass artist, Eric Sommers.

Landscape Ecology Awards Program (LEAP) Honors

Link here for details on all of the LEAP winners
Children’s Discovery Academy
Julie Boggess and Casi Parranto accepting

433 Little Canada Road, Little Canada 

Chris Siewart and Julie Rodberg
7th Street East in St. Paul

Cross Lutheran Church
Accepted by Pastor Bob Preuss, Sylvia Graham, Rose Macioch, Sharon Olson and Diana Border
1945 Prosperity Road, Maplewood

David and Linda Werner
Preserve Court in Little Canada

Paul Gardner
Dawn Avenue in Shoreview

St. Odilia Church Prayer Garden
Roger and Marlys Toogood accepting
3495 Victoria Avenue N Shoreview

City of White Bear Lake Rain Gardens
Connie Taillon accepting
Van Dyke Street and Richard Avenue


Each recipient of the LEAP awards earned an official certificate, a hand made bird bath created by members of the LEAP team, a hot-off-the-press yard sign, a gift certificate for a flat of native plants, courtesy of Ramsey County Corrections and a Lake Phalen Walking Tour and Plant Guide.

Link here for details on all of the LEAP winners.

Other Honors of the Evening 

Sage Passi - RWMWD Education Coordinator
Linda Neilson and Dave Nelson presented Sage with a beautiful hand-made, hand-painted butterfly house crafted by Dave Nelson for her tireless efforts.  

"Sage is very enthusiastic and dedicated to her job. She is a whirlwind of activity. Many Master Gardeners (including me) have been sucked into the Sage vortex and continue to volunteer on her projects because she is so dedicated and appreciative of the efforts of others. After working a very full day, it is not unusual for Sage to work late or call to discuss potential projects or possible Master Gardeners she might get to help with a project. Additionally, she is always willing to help others with their projects and to share her wealth of knowledge."
- Linda Neilson, Ramsey County Master Gardener, 
Master Water Steward, and longtime volunteer 

Marion Seabold - Long time volunteer and resident of the Lake Phalen Area
99-year-old Marian, active in watershed planting and history projects since 1998, was honored as the "oldest volunteer" in the Watershed District. Marian has been involved in the Lake Gervais, Ames Lake and Phalen wetland restoration projects, numerous inter-generational dialogues, many sessions of planting and the transplanting of native plants, rain garden design and plantings, storm drain stenciling, storytelling, bus tours and has volunteered at these schools: Prosperity Heights, Frost Lake, Farnsworth, Ames Elementary, American Indian Magnet, Cleveland Middle School, Harding High School, Roseville Area Middle School, Expo Middle School, L'Etoile du Nord and Weaver Elementary.
"The highlight of the Watershed District's recognition dinner was being seated next to and visiting with Marion Seabold. What a joy and an inspiration for living! There are those rare people who we encounter, whether briefly or for extended periods of time, who change our lives just by touching them. I told some of my students about the banquet and also about meeting Marion and they were amazed at some of what I told them about her amazing life. Truly a great moment in my life!"
- Mary Dvorak, Maplewood Middle School science teacher

Many thanks to those who made this night possible and to those who joined us for the evening. We are very proud of what you have achieved!

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